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Protect Business Wealth with Buy – Sell Entities Plans

It is very likely that your business has multiple owners, but your business is growing. The business relies upon its owners for growth and development. In the event that an owner should pass on, it is critical that the business be protected from the financial impact of that loss. In this scenario, a Buy-Sell Entities Plan can ensure the business continues after the loss of an owner.

Unlike a Buy-Sell Cross Purchase Plan, a Buy-Sell Entities Plan is a business owner life insurance policy, coupled with a comprehensive strategy for when that policy is activated. By creating an agreement, the business itself leverages the deceased life insurance policy to purchase the now vacant shares. This way, the business regains its wealth, a potential plus if the business wishes to be publicly traded in the future.

Crafting a comprehensive Buy-Sell Entities Plan

The key with creating a Buy-Sell Entities Plan for your business is the understanding that time will change and alter the plan. Businesses have many moving parts and the distributions will need to be very specific in order to protect the business, deceased, and shareholders. This means that regular updates to the plan will be necessary to protect all parties.

Intelliplan Pros know that your business evolves. We will create a flexible plan that can grow and adapt with the business strategy for your company. Schedule a call with us today to begin strategizing your Buy-Sell Entities Plan.


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