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Business Intelligence begins with Business Valuation

Business appraisal and valuation services are critical to making informed decisions when planning for growth or business succession, complying with strict tax and financial reporting guidelines, contemplating a sale or acquisition or facing a dispute or litigation.

We provide business valuations for a wide variety of assets including businesses, business interests, family limited partnership interests, debt instruments, equity securities, intangible assets and operating business units.

Business Valuations isn’t just about the Data

We approach your business valuation in an objective and independent manner. The goal is to go beyond the typical business valuation by helping you understand the value of your ownership interest in your business.

The Intelliplan Pros spend the time and leverage the latest market data to determine the value of your business. However, data is just one piece of the valuation process.  You are also a key factor in that valuation. Call us today and we can begin to understand you, your business, and the financial forecast for your market.


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