Our Mission and Core Values

Our Mission and Core Values2023-05-08T01:44:20+00:00

Mission Statement

Retirement income planning is complex and people are worried about making the right financial decisions. Intelliplan Financial uses a simplified holistic approach that coordinates all critical areas of retirement income so people can make smarter financial decisions and live a better life.

Core Values

1. INTEGRITY – We put our clients’ needs before our own. Integrity, by our definition, is doing the right thing when no one is watching.

2. TRANSPARENCY – Our industry requires trust between the organization and the client. We will provide in writing every cost, fee, or commission that is transacted based on our relationship.

3. COMPASSION – We understand how life’s complications can financially hurt families. We are forward thinkers and will help get you back on track.

4. CUSTOMER-FOCUSED – Without our clients, we are nothing. We provide consistent review meetings for every client and respond to inquiries within 48 hours.

5. NON-TRADITIONAL – If you are looking for the same old financial advice, keep looking. We provide unique solutions with a proven history of success.

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