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Mutual Financial Success with a 401k Profit Sharing Plan

A profit-sharing plan is a type of defined contribution plan that allows companies help their employees save for retirement. Contributions from the company are discretionary. The company can decide how much it will contribute from year to year, or even if it will contribute at all to an employee’s plan.

This flexibility makes it a nice retirement plan option for both small and larger businesses. A profit-sharing plan aligns the financial well-being of employees with the company’s success.

401k Profit Sharing means working with employees toward success

Profit-sharing plans obviously benefit employees by helping them save and plan for retirement, but they’re not without rewards for businesses, either. Happy employees tend to remain employees for the long term, and offering a profit-sharing plan can also entice new talent into signing on with the company.

If you want happy employees focused on building your business, call or schedule with an Intelliplan Pro today. We will develop a simple and effective 401k Profit Sharing Plan that will supercharge your team.


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