With all the news about disappearing pensions, the future of Social Security, health care and increasing inflation, and not to mention the recent ups and downs of the financial markets – it’s enough to make anyone uneasy.

All of that has placed a much greater responsibility on personal savings as the main source of our retirement income. This creates even MORE NEED for financial solutions that can help provide a new level of protection for your retirement savings.

But consumer research indicated that a large number of consumers claim that they dislike the word “annuities.” In fact, 50% of the baby boomers surveyed in a recent study (Allianz, Reclaiming the Future Study) said they formed their opinions about annuities more than 10 years ago!

Here’s what they think about Fixed Index Annuities (FIAs):

  • Fixed Index Annuities are too complex
  • Fixed Index Annuities have high fees
  • Fixed Index Annuities tie up your money for years
  • Fixed Index Annuity values must be annuitized
  • If you die, the insurance company keeps your money


But things change and evolve.

Here’s a look at today’s realities and why those previous thoughts about annuities are NO LONGER valid…

  • Fixed Index Annuities are easy to understand. Understanding FIAs involves learning some basic terms because interest earnings are calculated in various ways.
  • Like many financial products, FIAs carry some fees. The insurance company uses these fees to help support its guarantees and provide valuable benefits including:
    • Protection from loss of principal if the market index declines
    • Lifetime income option
    • A guaranteed minimum value, credited with interest at a guaranteed rate (if chosen)
  • You’re money isn’t tied up for years and years. In fact, many of today’s FIAs have surrender periods of less than 10 years and some as short as 7 years. FIAs also offer multiple ways to access funds without penalties.
  • Most FIAs offer multiple ways to access accumulated values without taking annuitization.
  • The insurance company doesn’t keep your money as FIAs let you choose a beneficiary.

A Fixed Index Annuity is just one piece of your retirement portfolio that can help provide a level of protection for you even if some of your other retirement pieces go away.

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