Bank On Yourself

Bank On Yourself uses a little-known super-charged version of an asset that has increased in value during every single market crash and in every period of economic boom and bust for more than 160 years-dividend paying whole life insurance.

Our whole life insurance policies are designed very differently than traditional whole life insurance policies you may be familiar with.

Bank On Yourself policies must be written thru a non-direct recognition Mutual Company offering unique riders that allow for increased cash value growth.

These companies have over 100 years of profitability and security and have provided the foundation of many pensions and retirement plans. All policies are designed unique and custom-tailored to an individuals specific situation.

Key Benefits of Bank On Yourself:

  • A level premium guaranteed never to increase, thus giving you some protection from inflation.
  • A guaranteed death benefit
  • Tax-deferred cash value accumulation
  • The ability to borrow from your cash value, allowing you to become your own source of financing and bypass banks, credit card and finance companies
  • The ability to have a guaranteed, predictable income in retirement, without the risk or volatility of stocks, real estate and other investments

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