7 Steps to Maximize Your Income and Minimize Your Taxes

An online webinar on how you could reduce your lifetime taxes and protect your wealth.

March 20, 2024 at 6:00 PM

7 Steps to Maximize Your Income and Minimize Your Taxes

Wednesday, March 20th at 6:00 PM

At Intelliplan Financial, we don’t just help you secure your and your family’s financial future, we teach you how to make smarter financial decisions that help protect and grow your wealth.

So, whether you’re in retirement, planning for it, or want to secure your legacy, it’s important you learn this key wealth management concept:

Taxes are typically your single largest expense, because of one simple fact — not all money is taxed the same. Our team at Intelliplan Financial cares deeply about you being able to understand what you owe and make tax-efficient changes, so you feel secure in your life.

Put simply — taxes come in three distinct phases that make up your lifetime tax burden: when you work, when you retire, and when your assets are passed on. While we can’t change the past, we’re skilled and ready to influence your future by teaching you the keys to maximizing your income and protecting your net worth. How? With a holistic financial plan that incorporates tax management strategies.

Attend our upcoming tax management webinar to learn how to:

Reduce Your Lifetime Taxes

Find out how to pay fewer taxes over your lifetime and protect your children’s inheritance by using smart strategies.

Avoid Costly Tax Mistakes

Learn the tax-efficient order of saving and withdrawing money without falling into expensive tax traps for yourself or even your spouse with the widow’s ‘penalty.’

Protect Your Wealth

Build a solid financial plan that keeps more of your money in your pocket or leaves more to your family, not Uncle Sam.

Don’t let your wealth be overshadowed by taxes. Register today to learn the 7 steps to effective tax management!

Why we created this online workshop

Our holistic financial advisors are highly skilled at crafting tax-efficient plans for those approaching retirement, and we are dedicated to involving clients every step of the way to be fully empowered in their financial futures.

We’re ready to show you — so take the first step toward enjoying tax-smart Golden Years!

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