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Now that you’ve taken this important step, you may want to find out exactly how you’ll benefit from your Financial Analysis.

Here’s a partial list of what your Financial Analysis may reveal:

  • A snapshot of your current financial situation, and how much your financial picture could improve by incorporating foundational strategies into your financial plan
  • How to create a stream of income in retirement that can last as long as you do, and how it could potentially be tax-free to you, under current tax law
  • How much you could increase your lifetime wealth by financing major purchases yourself, rather than using the traditional methods of financing, leasing, or even directly paying cash for them
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a sizable safe and liquid rainy-day fund, with growth that has historically beaten savings and money market accounts
  • How your nest-egg could grow safely and predictably each and every year—even when stocks, real estate, and other investments tumble
  • The guaranteed minimum value of your retirement plan on the day you plan to tap into it—and at every point along the way

While you wait for us to review your information, check out what our clients are saying…


“. . . it has grown at a steady pace without suffering any market hits.”

As a CPA and a tax professional, I tend to be rather meticulous about my finances and look to a financial planner to display similar qualities and respect for my finances. Joe exceeded all my expectations. He helped move my 401(k) into a more sensible and secure financial vehicle, right before the Chinese stock debacle, saving me a lot of money and headaches. In addition, I was able to take a sizable loan out of my Bank On Yourself plan as a down payment for a new home.

Mitch in Arizona